Design Process

In addition to providing custom graphic and web design solutions, I also customize the design process to suit the needs of each client. Below is a general description of what to expect.

Initial Meeting

Every successful project starts with a conversation. Whether we meet over the phone, Zoom, or in person, our initial meeting is a valuable time to discuss your ideas and needs for the project. We will go over who you are, your big picture vision, target audience, design inspirations, technical requirements, and other details that will lay the foundation for our project.

Phase One: Visualization & Design

After we have discussed your vision and requirements, and agreed on project terms, I will begin the creative process by brainstorming and sketching out many ideas. During this creative process, I give priority to your specific requests, but I don’t limit myself to just those ideas. Sometimes the most successful ideas are ones we didn't expect! The most promising concepts are turned into digital mock-up designs and fine-tuned. Then I present you with the mock-up designs, usually via email.

Phase Two: Revision & Approval

Once you have reviewed the mock-ups, we will discuss what you like and don’t like about the designs and any revisions you want made. I will make those revisions and send you the new design(s) for further review. It typically takes two or three rounds of revisions to reach the final design, but this varies from project to project. Phase Two is complete when you give your final approval of the design.

Phase Three: Formatting & Production

The last phase of the project involves implementing your design and putting it into production. For logos, this includes formatting and delivering files and usage specifications. For printed items, this last phase includes formatting print files and working with a printer to see the project through the printing process. For websites, implementing your approved design includes full website development, coding, styling, web browser testing, and loading your content.

DesignOlah sees your entire project through from conception to completion! When additional support is needed, such as for professional printing, I can recommend trusted professionals and work alongside them to ensure your project is always in good hands.